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38 years on the road


Eind 2012 speelden we samen met Loes Luca en Peter Bolhuis onze laatste productie: HAPPY END!  

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WBK 2012

The final tour of the Kollektief is behind us. Between September 25 and October 6, 2012, we performed in Rochester, Montreal, Chicago, Ottawa, Philadelphia, New York and Pittsburgh, and we're very happy with the reactions we got, especially from all those who have seen us through the years and came to tell us how this influenced their lives...

The Kollektief spent the last two months of 2012 giving 27 concerts in the Netherlands, its very last performances.

During his 45 years of activity on stages all around the world, Willem Breuker (1944-2010) has been the instigator of formative listening experiences for generations of curious audiences worldwide, and thus influenced the development of music in many ways - as a powerful and irreverent performer and improviser, but also as a composer of orchestral, chamber and solo works and of music for movies and the theatre.
For 35 years he was part of the Willem Breuker Kollektief, ten musicians/ improvisers who became his main musical outlet and with whom he took his music to all continents. With most of its members still present after 30+ years, the Kollektief now pays a final homage to its instigator, applying its musical experience to a broad overview of works by Willem Breuker the composer, written in various eras and including material not performed before.

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